Safe for eartquakes

The steel houses have first degree earthquakes resistance

All materials are included

You don't need to look for and supply any materials for the house.

Flexible design

You can design your house ar you can make changings on our the standard plans.

Build in a short time

A 60 squaremeter standard house can be built in a week with 5 persons. 

Eco friendly materials

The materials of the houses are made of eco friendly materials.

Hand tools are enough 

No need for any special equipments or tools to erect the steel houses 


Because of steel structure, the quick steel houses are durable.

Easy erection

You or a local contractor build your house easily with the erection manuel.

No need a crane 

All parts can be carried and erected by 2 or 4 persons.

1. Quality materials

All materials for the houses are chosen carefully.


You will have all materials and you will build your house in a short time.

Safe for termites

We do not use wood or any other material that termites can give damage.

Fire resistance

The materials of the houses are non burning materials   Tel: +90 5326140162



Heat insulated

All details are solved and have insulated to cold or hot weather.

Long life

All parts are galvanized steel structure and cladding materials are cement boards.